cONNECTIONS: Frequently asked questIons

Q: I've heard some people refer to Connections as a drop-in center and others as a hygiene center, which is it?
A: It's actually neither one. Connections is a daytime service and referral center where homeless men and women work in collaboration with staff to create comprehensive plans to secure housing and employment. Hygiene services are available to Connections participants.

Q: Who does Connections serve?
A: Unlike other DESC programs, Connections serves men and women whose homelessness appears to be related primarily to economic conditions in their lives rather than any evident disability. People who need specialized services for mental health, substance abuse, or other problems related to a disability will be referred to more appropriate programs at DESC or other agencies.

Q: Are there eligibility requirements?
A: Connections is open to homeless men and women over the age of 18. Participants must actively work on a plan to end their homelessness in order to stay enrolled.

Q: Will Connections serve families?
A: Connections was created to serve a specific subset of the homeless population - men and women who typically do not have children in their custody. At this time DESC does not have the available resources to provide childcare to Connections participants.

Q: Is there a fee for people to use the services at Connections?
A: No, Connections does not charge participants a fee. The funding for this program comes from the City of Seattle.

Q: What types of on-site services does Connections provide to participants?
A: Some of the on-site services available include job skills training, information and referral, housing advocacy and assistance, computer skills training, financial literacy training, showers, laundry services, restrooms and daily meal service.

Q: What types of referrals does Connections make?
A: Connections staff makes referrals to a variety of services such as emergency shelter, chemical dependency treatment, vocational training programs, temporary and permanent housing, and other resources in the community that assist participants in securing employment and stable housing.

Q: Does Connections provide any type of transportation assistance to its participants?
A: Some participants may be eligible for bus tickets or bus passes provided by the program.

Q: Can I volunteer at Connections? What opportunities are available?
A: Volunteer opportunities are available from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. / Monday to Sunday. Current volunteer positions at Connections include computer aide, resume coach, laundry coordinator, coffee counter assistant and meal assistant. For additional information about volunteering email the Volunteer Coordinator or call (206) 515-1517.

Q: How was DESC selected as the site for Connections?
A: The City of Seattle selected DESC for its experience and expertise in providing a wide range of services to homeless men and women, all aimed to end their homelessness.

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