Bag Lady

Thank you to everyone who supported this auction! We raised more than $22,000 towards programs to end women's homelessness!

DESC is the largest nonprofit provider for services for homeless women in the Pacific Northwest.

The Bag Lady auction raised funds to help women who have experienced homelessness to reclaim stability in their lives. It also provided an opportunity to reclaim the term 'bag lady', which has often been cruelly and thoughtlessly directed toward women experiencing homelessness. Our hope is that a term once used to disempower women will now be used with pride and with the deliberate intent of empowering women.

Those of us who purchased these fabulous designer handbags can now proudly call ourselves Bag Ladies. Every time we leave our homes with our beautiful couture handbag on our arm, we will experience all of the prestige and implied power associated with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Gucci. We will also know that our choice to be a Bag Lady has provided at least one woman who had been living a frightening and tenuous existence on the streets to now live a safe and hopeful life in a home she can call her own, with opportunities for better health, financial security through employment, and a path to reconnect with family and friends.

watch our video about a courageous woman who reclaimed her life

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